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 At Tailormade, our mission is to provide you with affordable furniture that perfectly meets your individual sewing and crafting needs. Designed with the sewer in mind, each piece is stylish, versatile, durable and functional. 

Limited room to sew? No problem! Tailormade has plenty of options for small spaces. Looking to bring your next quilt to life? Tailormade has you covered with cabinets that feature expandable workspace. With solid quality and intelligent design features, every piece of Tailormade’s modern furniture will make your sewing room complete



The convenient Tailormade Duo implements Tailormade’s best design features, creating a centralized space-saving sewing area. It houses a variety of machines and includes efficient and generous.... Read More

Quilter's Vision & Companion Chest

The Quilter's Vision is designed especially for large projects that require extra space. Its surface can more than double in size by extending the front, back and right leaf extensions... Read More


Designed to provide maximum storage and function in minimal space. The Eclipse features multiple fabric, thread and notions storage boxes and trays. The work surface can expand as needed, and there is plenty of storage space for... Read More

Cutting Table

The Cutting Table is the perfect companion workstation for any sewing room or crafting center. Its designed to provide a generous double-sided storage solution with two front drawers and an alcove, while the back features... Read More



The Compact is the perfect solution for any small space. It’s a great add-on cabinet to complete your Tailormade suite and closes conveniently for storage. It’s also a perfect home for a second or third sewing machine... Read More